“Chakachaya ne Ecocash.” Question: Why Cows And Goats?

Cows, bulls, dung

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Obvious you heard it already because these guys make noise whenever they are up to something. Anyway, we will say it again: Chakachaya ne Ecocash is back, it has been running since the 8th of this month actually.


Bear with me, I know you didn’t need me to say because you have already seen notifications that say you have been awarded points. If you haven’t then it means you haven’t transacted with Ecocash in 5 days, what on earth (Zimbabwe) have you been using for money?

This is the second edition of this promotion by Ecocash so that must mean it was successful the first time around and I guess it will become part of the Zim landscape every year going forward, at least let’s hope so.


It will join the OK Grand Challenge and the TM Pick n Pay pots thingy every year maybe… It’s funny these promotions are running at the same time more or less. Is it a winter thing?

How does it work?

I am relying on Ecocash’s ability to make noise so I won’t detail exactly how the promotion runs. The simple description is that you earn points as you transact using Ecocash.

There’s a new twist though this year. They have what they call Point Booster. Once you get to 5 points you can earn 20 more points by registering for Ecosure or paying your monthly Ecosure premium for at least a dollar.

The more points you have, the higher your chances of winning…

What could you win and what are your chances?

The chances of winning are not bad hey, there will be 150 000 instances of winning over three months (promotion ends on July 5th).

Prizes include residential plots (in Zimbabwe we call them stands), cars, cash (real cash, bond or Ecocash? Will ask), Kwese decoders, Ecosure cover, airtime…

Now to the goats

Prizes of course include cows and goats. I had to ask, what’s up with livestock in these competitions. Ecocash gave me their answer to that question but I am interested to know your answer. Let us know in the comments or on twitter or on Facebook why you think goats are part of the winnings in the Chakachaya ne Ecocash promotion and you may win a goat yourself.

So just so we are clear, by goat I mean a real goat that bleats not a feature phone. Those who don’t know, feature phones are referred to as goats in Zim; don’t ask where that came from. So if you don’t have plans for a goat, make sure you don’t win.

Back to the challenge: The winner of a goat here on Techzim is whoever gives the most creative answer to the question, “Why are goats part of the prizes in the Chakachaya ne Ecocash Promotion?” Get cracking.

You may win other prizes on our social media platforms as well.

Please note as the label up top says, this is a sponsored post so the prize is coming from Ecocash and not Techzim. Also, since Ecocash has entrusted their brand to us here, please behave in the comments there…

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12 thoughts on ““Chakachaya ne Ecocash.” Question: Why Cows And Goats?

  1. Hupfumi paChivanhu chedu huri muzvipfuyo ndiko saka mbudzi nemombe zviripo pane zvichahwinhwa pamakwikwi

  2. Its obviooouuuus!!! There are many many Econet (read Ecocash subscribers) in the rural areas, so goats and cattle will naturally be acceptable as ‘awesome’ prizes in those places. Plus don’t forget our past minister of primary and secondary education, Dokora, advocated for payment of fees using goats and cattle. With the current and never-ending cash challenges, payment can be in the form of livestock as well, otherwise known as batter trade.

  3. Ka mbudzi phone kanoita ecocash. You dont need the expensive phone to transcent which makes it affordable for the most people both in rural and urban apa vachiwana mari from anyway in the country or even abroad. Banking made easy with ecocash for every zimbabwean. Thats why people are being rewarded with goats, important animals in our society

  4. A goat is symbolic in every society in zimbabwe whether you one lives in urban or rural areas.For someone in urban you can kill it for meat and for one in rural you can either kill it for meat or keep it.A goat can also be convertable to cash i.e one can choose to sell it after winning it.Goats are found everywhere in Zim be it in urban or rural so if one happens to win it it’s easier for ecocash guys to access it for you in your area,a cut on the costs especially transport.

  5. Goats and cows are also valuable assets, they can multiply and become a source of income. They are also part of lobola payments and bring memories for years. They can also become part of relish . When one is given a cow or a goat , that person has been highly honoured. People with goats and cows are also considered amoung the rich. Gone are the days when wealth was only in gadgets, property etc. Econet has decided to break the ice and has included them in their prizes just to remind people its not for rural people only but for everybody.

  6. Goats are active foragers, grazing around the Econet base stations dotted around the country will keep Econet’s landscaping bill low as they sub-contract to goat owners / farmers

  7. It is merely a best practice econet are borrowing from Heifer International. There is no reinventing the wheel. I call that good learning. Livestock is a symbolic gesture in African culture. So, yes econet identify with their roots. Well done.

  8. here in africa the symbol of wealth are livestock. i think econet id tryin to embrace our culture so that the prizes are beneficiary to both urban dwellers n rural dwellers

  9. Mbudzi in its nature is drought resistant, its not prone to diseases, its easy to maintain and it breed fast. This animal has so many uses, as meat, source of milk, its skin as mat, its horn as nhekwe, used in traditional ceremonies, can be found all over Zimbabwe. So Econet chose mbudzi meaning that 90% of everyone living in Zimbabwe uses Econet line and Ecocash. You can transact with Ecocash wherever you are to anyone you wish to do business with.

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