Econet Network Down? Not Really But A Number Of Subscribers Affected


It seems Zimbabwe’s leading mobile service provider has been having problems with their network delivery throughout the day. At the time of writing the network is not working at all, which will be of great inconvenience to subscribers all over the country.

No Internet, No calls…Nothing!

All the network services offered by Econet are not functional right now. Subscribers cannot make calls, send messages, access the internet, EcoCash or the USSD platform. Basically, any service that is delivered via network seems to be defunct right now. We have no idea what the problem actually is but we will be reaching out to Econet to get a confirmation of what’s actually happening.

We thought that this was initially a problem we were only facing but various Techzim community group members on social media also started complaining and we realised this was actually happening on a large scale. The network problems are not countrywide and some users are actually able to access these services.


This is shocking

It will be interesting to hear what Econet’s response to this is but a wide-scale outage such as this one is disappointing. Worse off the fact that there was no prior communication about this outage might be an indication that Econet had no idea this was going to happen. I do not think this is a result of maintenance work on their end but we will hear what they have to say about this massive inconvenience.

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