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Failed To Buy Techzim Insights? Sorry…Here’s How You Can Buy

We recently released two products that were for sale; A Guide To WhatsApp for Business and Techzim’s Write-Up on EcoCash.

There were problems with the payment method we used and so we have come up with an easier solution, though not as elegant.

The workaround we have now is to use our EcoCash account and we apologise for not including everyone.

To buy, simply send the appropriate fee to Techzim Merchant Number 83688 and then send an email with the reference number to

The products:

A Guide To WhatsApp For Business – $14.99

Techzim’s Write-Up on EcoCash – $4.99

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

4 thoughts on “Failed To Buy Techzim Insights? Sorry…Here’s How You Can Buy

  1. Well you wanted to get Forex as well… Not it’s just eco… Lol… Win some you lose some

  2. I applaud the move to provide premium content, it’s a great venture.
    I somehow missed the first article talking about insights.

    Now, you have to provide actual premium content, not something i can find out for a 50 cents data bundle and a Google search.
    Techzim has been in the game for a long time. You must have data about Zimbabwe and Africa that you can monetize, sell to companies (Google and Facebook like).
    For example, I’ve been on the Android platform for a while, I can provide useful insights and metrics to starting developers.

    Also, simplify your subscription process. It’s too long and convoluted.

  3. I think your prices are too much for premium content, maybe a $1 or 2 for monthly access to premium content articles can do. I have noticed to my dismay that local IT products are over priced, be they apps. Focus should be on volumes at very low cost. eg $1 for 50 000 users monthly is better than $14,99 for 5 monthly users. If you don’t mind provide the figures on how much you made with the $14,99 article.

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