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Just How Did EcoCash Come To Be So Dominant? Techzim Analyses Their Strategy

EcoCash Kiosks

We have all watched as EcoCash’s dominance has increased in Zimbabwe to near monopoly levels. The mobile money service has become an essential payment method in this country.

Most of us signed up for the service and so were not surprised as details of the dominance were shared. Today, EcoCash has close to 98% market share. Recent developments seem to indicate that EcoCash is actually going to eat into the 2% the competition is starving on.

We know that EcoCash did not get to that position by chance. That is especially so considering that EcoCash was not the first or even the second mobile money solution in the country.


It is then interesting to find out just how Econet managed to overtake the competition. Such a success story deserves to be studied and lessons taken from it.

We at Techzim have taken it upon ourselves to do just that.

Techzim’s write-up on EcoCash looks at the EcoCash journey from pre-launch to its current position. The strategic decisions that Econet made are studied in detail. In easy to read language, the evolution of EcoCash is analysed.

To buy the Techzim Insights on Ecocash via Ecocash simply enter your Ecocash details below. The report is selling for $9.99

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