Kwesé Play Unboxing Reveals Quite A Compact Decoder

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Kwesé Play launched a little while back and its purpose was to aggregate as many of the popular online streaming sites onto one device. Here we are talking your YouTube, your Netflix, Your Red Bull TV and more.

Currently Kwesé play is only available in South Africa at a buying price of around R999 and subscriptions kicking off at R129.99

Kwese Channels

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  1. wokenman says:

    It’s not a decoder – YOU KNOW THIS! Just like not every TV is a “plasma” like many zimboz think. You can do better than that. Streaming boxed are all very compact – you even covered one months ago now you acting like amateurs again. Why are you guys so sloppy these days – details matter.

    1. Edwin Chabuka says:

      Well details are usually reserved for a Review and Unboxings are usually less detailed. Totally appreciate your concern Wokenman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Put supper sport channels if you want your business of broadcasting to be very successful in Zimbabwe. People in Zimbabwe like sports and all these sports are found on supper sport channels. If you fail to look into this matter, then you would loose a fortune.

  3. okokok says:


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