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Letter From A Techzim Reader. Thought We Should Share His Story

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We don’t say this enough but we appreciate all our readers here. We don’t always meet your expectations but that is what drives us to work everyday. We appreciate every form of feedback we get. It’s humbling when that feedback is to the effect that we have been a positive influence on you.

This was the case today when we got an email from Gift Marimo a self taught developer. It made us call him and ask for permission to publish his email. Here’s what he wrote us:

Hie Techzim.


My name is Gift Marimo. l am 24 years old and l am the founder of a software development company called Codel Systems with a website ( l am a self-taught software developer who started the journey of software development early 2016. I started Codel in mid 2016 and incorporated it in mid 2017 here in Zimbabwe.

Currently Codel is employing 5 software developers including me, 1 marketing personnel and 1 graphic designer equal to 7. I decided to focus more on latest technologies like blockchain, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data. On blockchain Codel team is developing a framework that can allow local developers to build blockchain and Decentralised Apps (DApps). We are doing this because we want local developers to have access to locally developed intelligent frameworks whether virtually or physically, but most preferable is physical access because we still have a challenge of developers who are not capable to deliver high quality modern technology apps.

We are also doing thorough researches on key sectors that blockchain can be used to improve the sectors. One of it being healthcare sector, we are documenting decentralised solutions that could cause the improvement of our healthcare sector. l worked in healthcare sector for over 20 months as an IT technician and a web developer and the conditions there as far as infrastructures to record crucial data on real time is concerned are really not impressive at all. We are also working on solutions that can connect Zimbabwe and Africa to the internet of things (IoT).

I believe that access to updated information and libraries should not be that expensive especially access to educative information. I am not happy with our education system, its way too theoretic. STEM has been introduced but can we talk of “Technology” without introducing coding as a compulsory subject from early learners like zero grades? Coding is like any other native language like Shona or Ndebele hence the need to introduce it to learners at early stage just like teaching the toddler to say “Sadza – Tada”.

5G is around the corner, it will improve the speed of connectivity by a remarkable percentage as compared to the current hence we should be ready to embrace that and use it to implement improvements in our education systems and businesses. I believe that Codel will become successful on its plans to develop education systems that will connect every learner from down to top everywhere regardless of geo-location. I believe that we are the key objects that can thrust our economy forward by changing the operating models as Zimbabweans.

Currently we are building 3 mobile applications, I will come back with detailed explanation when closer to launch date. The one is a partial solution to transport problems, the other one is the solution to financial service and the other one is a pretty solution to general retail space. What we are trying to achieve is just bringing convenience to everyone through executing operations on finger tips. We want to push mobile economy to the limits so that everyone learns technology by using it. The platforms will create employment and give a lot of value to end-users. Since there is no longer a need to carry a computer around – mobile phones are becoming better than computers, we have to bring even complex operations to a mobile device so that everywhere could be a workspace. Well enough of introducing Codel.

My main concern as a software developer is having more developers who are capable of developing our nation through software. Every business has became a software business, whether transport, retail, food, healthcare, education, agriculture. Business models are being re-written by software and the journey is just starting. The journey is not short and will never be easy but it can only be achievable by having equipped people ready to make the journey a reality. The biggest investment I prefer to be done is the investment in young people especially those in the tech space. When they are fully equipped with – especially software development skills, ideas will never end. I also mentioned the issue of investing in young people who are in tech space when I attended a Youth Forum which was held at Rainbow Towers in February this year and i will continue to mention the issue.

Let me cut my story here but I want to end it by thanking you Techzim team for giving us a platform to get latest tech news. I started following Techzim around 2013 and that is when I started to have an interest in technology due to your rich posts. Keep up the good work team, Africa needs people like you.

Thank you Gift, we wish you well and we look forward to be publishing the amazing stories around the work you are doing. Thank you Techzim community…

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