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MMM was still alive in Zim; Some were earning as high as $500p/m, But It’s All Coming To An End…

After the recent death of MMM founder, it seems the guys – MMM that is – are finally closing up shop. Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox was a world famous online Ponzi scheme that took Zimbabwe by storm in 2016.

MMM had a Bitcoin-based Ponzi scheme

MMM simply refused to die (seriously, no pun intended) and in 2017 they had reinvented themselves and made a comeback with mavro-BTC. mavro-BTC was a Bitcoin-based currency that saw multiple ‘resets’ leave users with nothing, as they lost thousands. mavro-BTC support staffers promised to refund users but these refunds never came about.

Is this the end?

Now, however, it seems operations might actually be shutting down for good. We got an email tipping us on the closure of MMM’s operations developments from a guy/girl who was working for the organisation locally. The tipster -who chose to be identified as Matimati- sent a screenshot of what appears to be an MMM worker communicating that the company had announced its closure. Matimati stated that he/she had been working for MMM as an online consultant since 2015 and was paid $500 a month.

If this is indeed the end of MMM I don’t think there will be many that actually miss it, apart from the guys who were employed by the organisation. I think the rest of the world will look at this and say ‘good riddance.’

Were you employed by MMM?

We have no way actually verifying whether this email was actually from an MMM worker but it would be great if any of the Techzim readers who work/worked at MMM can actually confirm this development in the comments down below. We ask this because the tipster made a point to emphasise that this closure would affect ‘zimbos’ (his words not mine). This suggests to us that there were a few Zimbabweans who were actually working for MMM.

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One thought on “MMM was still alive in Zim; Some were earning as high as $500p/m, But It’s All Coming To An End…

  1. First of all this was an employee not a part of the scam and was basically being fired… Hour can be out she reveal identity when so many people lost… As usual poor headline

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