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Experiencing Slow Internet Speeds On ZOL? Here’s Why

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If you are a ZOL subscriber and you depend on their fibre services you may be experiencing some challenges with your speeds. We got a tip from a reader informing us of this issue and surely when we checked ZOL’s website and support number this is the message we got:

Important Notice: Degraded Speeds

Kindly note that we are currently facing network challenges due to a fibre break on one of our international links.

We do not have an estimated time of resolution as yet but please note that our technicians are onsite working as fast as they can to resolve this issue.

Please pardon any inconvenience caused.

From the above notice, it doesn’t look like there are people entirely disconnected from the service so you’re probably not going to be left entirely without service. Back in December, there was an internet outage after Liquid Telecom infrastructure was damaged and this led to a countrywide network outage for both ZOL and Econet as they use Liquid’s infrastructure.

We are not sure how long this particular problem will take to be resolved but it comes at a time when TelOne is also experiencing service disruptions after $10 000 worth of cabling were stolen. This incident has left 1 800 customers without service. It seems both TelOne and ZOL are having quite the cold winter.

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4 thoughts on “Experiencing Slow Internet Speeds On ZOL? Here’s Why

  1. Why haven’t you posted anything with regards to the ZOL WIBRONICS routers

  2. ZOL are very quick to disrupt my service when I exceed their fair-usage policy. I would like to see a corresponding discount offered when their service runs slowly in cases like this.

    Working hard to solve the issue is all very well, in the meantime I am not receiving the service I have paid for.

    1. well thats the problem, ZOL actually don’t care much about you…its a typical corporate looking after its own interests.

      As soon as things turn around in Zim, and we get “real” players coming, ZOL is going to get dropped like its hot. just like with the local banks.

  3. I wonder how Zimbabwean fibre cables break so easily. And, it always seems like it’s one cable that handles inter-provincial and international traffic.

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