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Finally Blocked WhatApp Contacts Can Send You Messages, Thanks To A Bug In The Latest Update


Blocking someone on WhatsApp is the new-age version of pretending that they don’t exist. It is also an excellent way to shut off that acquaintance continuously asking you for favors.

So, wouldn’t it be a nightmare if you heard from all these people on WhatsApp even after having blocked them? Well, this is the nightmare that some users are now experiencing as WhatsApp was hit by a strange bug.

The bug, reportedly, allows blocked contacts to send you messages and even see your profile picture, status, and stories. WABetaInfo took note of a number of people complaining about the issue.

 The issue is being witnessed in the latest update of WhatsApp. Both Android and iOS users seem to be plagued by the issue, so it’s not isolated to one platform.

WhatsApp has not acknowledged the issue yet. But for now complaints continue to flow and there’s no clarity when will the issue be fixed. WhatsApp is likely to roll out an update to address the issue very soon.

Here is the simple fix

Meanwhile, after a user gets receiving an unwelcome message from a previously blocked contact, the only simple fix currently available is just ‘unblock the contact once and block them again’. After you blocked them again its reported that they will not be able to text you again. Weird, right?

One could argue that this is by far the most irritating and dangerous bug on WhatsApp because it is a breach of the privacy and trust of users. 

Of course, the bug has probably made some users let go of some old grudges and reunite with friends they may have blocked once, but that’s just an unintended benefit of the latest WhatsApp bug.

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4 thoughts on “Finally Blocked WhatApp Contacts Can Send You Messages, Thanks To A Bug In The Latest Update

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