Mobile Phones Help 720 000 People To Check Their Voter Details

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC), has reported that as much as 719387 registrants checked their ‘voter details’ using the USSD platform on their respective mobile networks since the provisional voters’ roll inspection started on the 19th of May.

Through the USSD platform, if a voter types *265# and inputs their national registration number and date of birth, they can see their full name, polling station, ward and constituency. If details are incorrect there is also a message which says one must physically go and inspect the voters’ roll and then have the necessary changes made.

Additionally, the electoral watchdog sent 3 256 440 SMSs with details to registrants who provided their mobile numbers upon registration.  Using its Twitter handle, ZEC tweeted;

A total of 719387 registrants have checked their details using the USSD code during the past 4 days while 3 256 440 bulk SMS were sent by ZEC to registrants who supplied their mobile numbers during registration.

ZEC is harnessing mobile technology as a cost-cutting measure to allow voters to verify their details. By harnessing the USSD technology in inspecting the voters’ roll, it has saved time (especially in rural areas) and costs of having to travel to the inspection centers and waiting in queues as one can now simply check their details on their mobile phones without having to travel.


  1. Concerned

    Yes the zec site and the ussd code have helped. But my concern it that both dont show a person complete details, such as gender, and my understanding is that on the day of registration is that if any of the details are wrong, including gender then u can not vote. If this is the case, why are the two systems not showing full details

  2. Ian Makone

    Full details please. Many people are reporting that details appearing on sms message differ from details at the polling station. A clear response from ZEC stating the minimum requirements for proof of identification on election day pleeease!

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