Telone Costumers Now Able To Insure Their Modems With A New Low-Cost Insurance Package

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TelOne customers will be glad to know that they are now able to insure their Telone modems.  The state-owned company Telone has partnered FBC to make this possible. This partnership has given birth to a insurance product called Modem Insurance. And under this Modem Insurance, Telone clients’ ADSL and FTHH modems will be insured against unexpected incidents.  

Modem Insurance Plan is an Insurance scheme meant to cover our clients’ ADSL and FTTH modems in the event of failure, accident, theft or lightning damage.

Evidently, FBC is the underwriter of Modem Insurance in this collaboration. And most importantly the partnership will extend FBC’s range of insurance services through its FBC Insurance arm.


How much will customers pay for their modems to get insured?

Modem Insurance will see Telone customers with ADSL modems paying $1 per month and $2 per month for those with FTTH modems.

Insurance premiums for the ADSL and FTTH Modems are $1 and $2 per month respectively.

Given how little the premiums customers would have to pay (just 2 bucks at most), many customers will likely buy into it.

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7 thoughts on “Telone Costumers Now Able To Insure Their Modems With A New Low-Cost Insurance Package

    1. As irrational it may look interestingly people are very risk averse, and that book of policies is going to be seen making profits every month.

  1. Bought a printer with fax functionality some months ago – in the box it comes with a surge protector for the telephone line – that’s what they need to be supplying.

  2. Considering the price of the modem the insurance price is actually expensive…that is a premium of 40% per year based on value of $30 for the modem

  3. The headline brought me here. I was quite curious to find out what “costumers” are…could be a combination of consumer & customer perhaps?

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