This App Lets You Track All The Transactions You Make Through EcoCash


Once upon a time, I was using a budget app called Money Manager and all was going well until I had to settle all my accounts and I realised that it was hard to account for everything perfectly if I was using EcoCash to transact because I would lose track of all the charges EcoCash adds for transacting and this made it a chore to balance the books.


Using Money Manager was clearly a pain because of the lack of integration with local payment methods but now there is an app that can track EcoCash transactions and I think this is a great app whether you decide to use it as a companion to a budgeting app or as a standalone.

So what can you do with ziWallet?

When you initially open the app you’re met with a home page that contains an overview for that month. On this page you’re shown stats like:

  • Balance
  • Opening Balance
  • Money spent on airtime
  • Amount transferred from Bank To Wallet and vice-versa
  • Money received
  • … and many other stats
ziWallet Home


The transactions menu contains a summary of the entire amounts you transacted for that month. It shows you how much money entered your EcoCash and how much left the account along with the balance for that month.


The accounts section shows which accounts you have been sending money to or receiving money from. There is no date and time for transactions because it has the collective amounts sent to/from a particular account. If you tap on the account all the transactions made will drop down before you.


The reports section is what makes this app so vital as it details every transaction you made and gives you details on every transaction you made. There is info on which Merchant/Person you sent money to, what day and time the transaction was made, and the amount you sent.

This makes it very easy to reconcile all the transactions you’ve made over a number of months and I think that’s a vital feature if you are concerned about how you use your money or you are trying to follow a saving pattern.


The app is also PIN protected which means not everyone has access to your transaction history and this is a good thing and I guess it will add peace-of-mind for users.

Great App

This application is a must-have if you make a number of your transactions through EcoCash and will assist users better track and manage how they spend their money. You might want to take a look at this one.

You can download ziWallet here.

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19 thoughts on “This App Lets You Track All The Transactions You Make Through EcoCash

  1. So I just installed the app and automatically it has access to my ecocash balance & transactions. It didn’t require any sign in like the ecocash data app. Should I be worried? Is my my information safe, some applications can steal your data.

    1. Hi Cephas
      Please not the app does not collect any of your data. It merely reports based on the SMSes on your device.

    2. It reads your SMS “receipts” – the original MOBILEDGER app used to work the same way but was upgraded and then required sign-in. Be glad this one doesn’t need to sign in coz in Zim the way people maintain things like this, you want it to be as simple as possible. Right now the sign up process for mobiledger isn’t even working. There is also another one called ecoledger – works the same way as ziwallet. This sort of thing has been around for years – TECHZIM you covered this in 2015 – – but this article writes it as if it’s something brand new. So older staff members don’t proof read content from new staff members?

  2. It would be great to see Econet doing this natively. I am sick of having to scroll through SMSes I am not a cavemen! Add the fact that i have to navigate through the stupi Ziwaya promo SMS and the whole thing becomes a haystack. Their mini balances is just crap. They need to do more on reports.
    P.S The Data App eases a lot of pain but the UI gets distorted on 7″ devices. I don’t have tiny fingers and like to carry around a tablet for Ecocash. It’s been years like this.

  3. Great work! I would like to see this App growing to have other mobile money platforms as well as banks. This is a good thing and it strikes me a cool finance management tool. Noone can claim that you didn’t pay them – the app collects all the evidence for me. Well done guys – you are solving everyday problems

  4. Uhm, TZ, there is already an app that does similar and it was launched months earlier.

    It’s called Eco Ledger and just like this one, it violates Google Play Policies.
    Zimbos and rules, always breaking them.

    The App is a great innovation though.
    No idea why Econet doesn’t have this natively.

  5. App doesn’t have facility to purchase airtime. Would be great if payee can be ‘fetched’ from contacts

  6. Excellent export to excel feature, helps a lot with balancing accounts and allocating bank charges

  7. if this app is based on SMSes then i have to install the app on the phone with the ecocash line or there is a workaround?

    1. Currently there is no workaround you have to install the app on the phone with the SMSes

  8. This is a good app! Please keep it up. But I have one suggestion. I have noticed that ziWallet does not reflect 2 ecocash accounts separately for those who have 2 SIM cards in one handset, both having separate ecocash accounts. Can you please fix that.

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