Econet Subsidiary Cumii Has Registered Over 2500 Tasknites To Date

The Econet group is a large and sprawling entity that is constantly growing. In this ecosystem there are a variety of companies and avid Techzim readers probably know of Cumii by now. This is the division responsible for solutions such as the Connected Home, Connected Car, and Connected Health among other IoT products.

Last year, during Kwese’s entry we talked about Technites and how one could register to join. We never got to talk about Tasknites.

What are Tasknites?

Tasknites conduct surveys via a mobile application and on the Cumii website the following description is given:


Tasknites are researchers that improve how companies and organisations serve their stakeholders. They collect and provide key information in real time which allows clients to act on current intelligence while it is still valid.

The main services offered include:

  • Retail audits
  • Secret Shopping
  • Consumer Experience Surveys
  • Market Research
  • General data

Tasknites get notifications whenever there is a new survey and then they can go ahead and collect the information.

According to Cumii, this is a more effective way of conducting surveys as organisations are tapping into people who are already in the communities so its more cost effective and a quicker way of providing the required information to organisations. Thus far Tasknites have worked for companies within the Econet group and some outside even though Cumii were not in a position to disclose which companies these were (contractual reasons).

To date Cumii has registered over 2600 Tasknites. Last Friday Cumii hosted their first ever Tasknites Day and the purpose of this was to bring together Tasknites and celebrate their efforts thus far. The Tasknites also went to various areas with the goal to recruit new blood and train the new recruits on how to use the Tasknites application. The 2600+ we are referring to include the people who also registered during the Tasknites day.

Cumii says Tasknites can earn upto $20 a day and in this climate where it’s hard to get jobs this is a great opportunity to be earning some money

Interested in joining?

If you’re interested in becoming a Tasknite you can send ‘Tasknite’ to +263771222814  on Whatsapp. You can only register if you’re between ages 18 and 34.

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