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Kwesé iflix A Service Worth Exploring, My Personal Experience Of The Service

When the harshest critic is silenced by your work, you can go ahead and brag because you have done a great job. In this scenario Kwese people can go ahead and brag about Kwesé iflix, it gave me the best user experience I haven’t had in a long time.

If you bought data yesterday I’m sure you received this message;

…Your Free 1GB Data has been successfully credited. Please note this data is only for use on the Kwesé iflix App. You can now go ahead & start viewing.

A lot of people in Techzim community groups were asking questions what it is, how does it work, how come it’s not connecting etc.

A few days ago we wrote about the unveiling of this Kwese-iflix mobile app. In simple terms, Kwese-iflix is a localized iflix mobile application that allows the user to stream any iflix shows on offer.

My own user experiences

After a quick download of the app, I was asked to sign in. Me being too lazy to enter emails etc, I signed up on Facebook and got to the home page. PS (I was using mobile data).

The homepage gave me a lot of show options to choose from.

I quickly scrolled down looking for familiar TV shows, when I got to the one I wanted Being Mary Jane, I discovered I needed a ‘VIP pass’ to watch the show.

So, I started scrolling on the free content to see what’s on offer. I discovered there is a reasonable amount of shows on offer. And I watched them for interest sake.

After the 4th ‘VIP pass’ prompt message (shown below) I decided to get the pass.

I was redirected to a page that asked me to click a link. Upon clicking that link I was instantly directed to my dial pad with the code *119# on dialing the USSD code I was prompted with options to buy the pass for either a day, 3 days, 7 days or a month.

I bought service for a month and got my pass almost instantly.

About the programs on offer

I went back to check for my favorite shows, I’m a reality TV junkie so I was looking for reality TV shows. Turns out they did not have Keeping up with the Kardashians (yep I watch that) but they did have other things on offer. I settled for David Tutera’s Celebrations (a gay wedding planner’s reality show) and 10 hours later I’m still watching the show. I know judgy judges will be after my skin.

Generally, there is a lot to choose from depending on your show preferences. They have African, Indian and Korean movies too, for those that like these you are in for a treat.  Impressing me a critic is hard, but this Kwesé service did impress me. I have been told I have the worst taste in movies and TV shows so I’m just going to say if you don’t like what’s on offer you can watch some live shows because there is a live show tab on the menu. I have resisted the edge to talk about the type and quality and ratings of the shows on offer, I will leave that review to some professional critics.

Lastly, you also have an option to download the show in high, medium and low resolution and watch a downloaded version other than livestreaming it.

My bedroom has the best 4G connection I make video app calls almost every day and the call quality is excellent so I’m not sure how the  Kwesé iflix app performs on any other connection that’s not 4G.

About Guest Author Rose Masayile

Rose is a brand message and social media specialist at Controvert, the parent company of Techzim. Her daily grind is to work with ad agencies and brand managers to construct and distribute brand messages in the digital universe 

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16 thoughts on “Kwesé iflix A Service Worth Exploring, My Personal Experience Of The Service

  1. being a sports junkie as long as they dont have football, cricket and rugby i wont bite.

  2. Okay you say you did your job and still get to call this a review you just told us what you like you did not list any channels or shows on offer what kind of shows, movies, series are on VIP list or at give a program guide every week like what the guys at DSTV do on every relevant media print,broadcast and online you guys are marketing for econet so you better do a pretty damn good job before critics like us snatch it from you

  3. Is there a web version so that I can use my laptop for streaming, binge watching on a phone is kinda awkward

  4. To those who have been acquainted with the Kwese TV you will be glad to know that this here iflix application may serve as an extension of some sort to the Kwese realm. So that means yes, you will have your football, NBA and other sports. The application also has a kids mode that locks the selection on a number of different kids shows including Teenage Mutabt Ninja Turtles, iCarly, Action Man, Barney and Friends, Teletubies, to mention a few. However for you to fully enjoy the services of this application, you need to be a VIP access holder. My thoughts are, if you can afford the data and have no other options, the Kwese iflix app is quite OK as the subscriptions are very affordable and reasonable. Oh, and their live football channel will be screening “All” 64 world cup games.

    My thoughts… Have you tried the “Tea TV” application? No subscription needed. All content available for free. I watched Pacific Uprising earlier today in HD quality and it supports miracasting. So if you can afford the data, that would be my television show and movie application

  5. I signed up for the been on ZOL Fibroniks family entertainment ($149) package about 3 weeks ago and it is not able to stream anything from DSTV catch up. Content plays for less than 30seconds and starts buffering. The same thing is happening with Playstation Vue. This might be coincidence, the cheater or a case of Econet throttling its competitors in order to promote iFlix. Both services were working perfectly while using the Telone FTTH network.

  6. question; So for me to use the app i need 1 gig of data for the iflix app and another for VIP?

  7. sine you buy your vip pass through ecocash id like to believe its tied to your phone number. so if i signed in using google/facebook how does the system know that i am the same person that just bought a vip pass?? ad since i can not check how much of the iflix bundle is left i am always paranoid that they are eating into my data bundle

  8. I just bought my 3day pass for VIP using onther phone I have downloaded kweseiflix on my I pad but can’t open anything on my tab

  9. i subscribe for the daily package and have been charged from my wallet but can’t open any of the VIP channels after

  10. Same with me i bot the app on my i pad and bought the pass for 3 days using another phonebut cant access any of the vip channels logged in using face book but have since updated details including phone number

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