Out-Of-Bundle Mobile Data Charges Fall By 60%


POTRAZ announced their Long-Run Average Increment Cost (LRIC) where they made some cool announcement. Out of bundle data browsing is dropping massively:

The Out of bundle mobile data charges threshold shall be reduced from the current 12.5 cents per Megabyte to 5 cents per Megabyte exclusive to of all taxes. This applies to internet/data that is used outside the WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter bundles among others.

This is a massive drop and amounts to a 60% slash. What it means is; where 10 megabytes used to cost $1.25 it will now cost 50c. $1.25 actually now gets you 25 megabytes or two and a half times the amount you used to get.


It’s also important to note that these are the data prices before taxes are added, which means if for example there is a VAT of 15% added to the pricing it will be added on to the new price of 5c.

Do you browse out-of-bundle?

This is a great announcement but it’s not as big a deal since most people don’t really use out-of-bundle browsing to begin with. On the bright-side it will ensure that those frustrating incidents when you top up your airtime and before you can even subscribe to anything a few (or many-depending on what’s happening in the background) cents are already taken away from you.

This will only apply to Econet since the Telecel and NetOne don’t have an out-of-bundle browsing option. The new tarrifs shall take effect from the 1st of July this year. Basically a few days from now.

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