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Zimra Prepares To Collect More Revenue As It Finished Upgrading Asycuda

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The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has finally finished the upgrade of Asycuda way ahead of schedule.After acquiring three servers for the Asycuda upgrade last month, the country’s revenue collector, Zimra promised that it would be done with the exercise by June. And it has delivered.

Recurrent losses as a result of Asycuda breakdowns compelled Zimra to upgrade the system (Asycuda). In that regard, Asycuda would probably not have been upgraded had it not been the losses they incurred when the system’s outdatedness caused it to sporadically go down.

Prior to the upgrade, the system Zimra had been using was over a decade obsolete compared to other Asycuda systems used in some other countries as once noted by Zimra’s Commissioner-General, Ms. Faith Mazani

The upgrade will speed up the flow of goods at the country’s border posts and ultimately improve revenue collection. Under Asycuda, no manual entries of Bills of Entry are accepted at border posts. Rather, all submissions of Bills of Entry are done by the declarant electronically (via the Internet). And this has surely afforded convince to declarants as they are able to declare goods where ever they are in the world and in the comfort of their offices or homes. Ms. Faith Mazani said;

The authority has completed the upgrading the system to a higher version and to this end. Three top-of-the-range servers have been installed ahead of the scheduled time in June

At the peak of Asycuda’s operational failures, some importers had to redirect to other border posts which had no long queues.  Despite various hiccups it faced, Zimra managed to surpass its revenue targets in the first quarter of 2018 by an excess of US $84million. Imagine by how much it would have exceeded its target had it not experience the 4-day breakdown?

Zimra once admitted that it had hurriedly installed the then newly acquired Asycuda system in 2013 and which as result caused persistent breakdowns because the system was not correctly configured.  So I just hope this time around that they have followed the right steps to guarantee the efficiency of the system

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5 thoughts on “Zimra Prepares To Collect More Revenue As It Finished Upgrading Asycuda

  1. There is a lot of misrepresentation of facts in this article.

    In your article you said “Prior to the upgrade, the system Zimra had been using was over a decade obsolete compared to other Asycuda systems used in some other countries…..”

    The above statement clearly false since ZIMRA upgraded its ASYCUDA system from ASYCUDA++ to ASYCUDA World in 2009. 2009 is certainly not more than a decade ago. I may also highlight that Zimbabwe is one of the first countries to use ASYCUDA world in SADC and the COMESA region. For your own information most countries particularly in West Africa are migrating from ASYCUDA++ to ASYCUDA now.

    You need to carry out a thorough research on some of your articles since some of them tend to mislead the general public as is the case with this particular article.

    For more information on ASYCUDA please follow the link below

  2. FYI, manual Bill of entries are still being submitted as we speak because there are plenty of tariffs in the asycuda system that have not been upgraded. All they did was buy new servers but the general working of the system has not changed. The way we used to work last year and the year before that is the same, nothing has changed. This article is not factual at all.

  3. This article if full of miracle writing, anenge mwana waPapa chete…

    What is happening at Techzim???

  4. “the upgrade will see a speed up the flow of goods” and “…And this has surely afforded convince to declarants…” wow your writing stinks guys !!! keep up the crap work !!!

  5. Their e filing system needs to be up graded. It is horrendously slow and frequently down.

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