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Shares Anyone? 2100 Open Accounts On Online Trading Platform, C Trade In Just 2 Weeks

C-trade, the online trading platform which was introduced midway this month has already seen 2100 retail investors creating accounts on the platform. Through this platform, investors are able to deposit money via banks and mobile money wallets, then go to the capital market (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange) and buy shares, sell them and withdraw back that money online. The idea behind C-trade is to spare investors the hassle of queuing at their brokers’ office.

According to Businesstimes, of the 2100 retail investors, 78% are novice investors signifying that C-trade has given some people a chance to participate in the capital markets. You may see 2100 as a meager number but it adds a lot to the total number, 7000, of people who currently trade on the stock market in Zimbabwe. If 2100 opened accounts in just 2 weeks, then surely by the end of this year, well over 10000 people could be trading on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Both novice and old investors are accessing Zimbabwe Stock Exchange through C-trade’s three platforms, which caters for virtually everyone to participate in trading. C-trade is available on the USSD, mobile app and website.

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5 thoughts on “Shares Anyone? 2100 Open Accounts On Online Trading Platform, C Trade In Just 2 Weeks

  1. i also want to open an account. Kindly advise how I can go about opening an accuont.

  2. its unfortunate you cannot open an account from anywhere outside Zimbabwe. when signing up, every country is listed but when you go further with the process only zimbabwean banks are listed. there are also strict restrictions on the bidding prices when attempting to buy shares

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