Disturbing Internet Content? How To Protect Your Child

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Primary school children in class

With our children using the internet more and more to watch their favourite cartoons or do their homework, we worry that as they are doing this they will stumble upon disturbing images or videos.

Lucky for us  we can minimize the likelihood of this happening using a kid search browser called Kiddle

What is Kiddle?

Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids. It blocks ‘bad’ images and videos and creates a cleaner environment for your child. I can’t promise that the kids will never ever find anything obscene but it will certainly minimize the chances of that happening. You can make it the default browser on your child’s device.

How it works

Kiddle results are either handpicked and checked by Kiddle editors or filtered by Google safe search, you will get kid-oriented results without explicit content. In case some bad words are present in a search query the search will be blocked.

I recommend kiddle be used for children below the age of 10. As older kids will get frustrated when they are unable to get results for searches such as breast cancer.


If you are not willing to use this browser you can also just use Google SafeSearch directly. It helps block explicit images, videos, and websites from Google Search results. You can activate it by the following steps

Click on Menu

Click Options/ Settings, then click on Search.

Under Default Search Engine the drop-down should say Google.

Go to Google.com. Scroll to Settings, then select “Search settings.” Under “SafeSearch filters,” click on “Turn on SafeSearch” and lock it by typing in your password.


Protecting our children will always be a battle. We will always need to monitor them. We can take precautions, yes but we can’t afford to let our guard down.

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