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Drama At Netone: 9 Executive Managers Get Fired

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Yesterday Netone reportedly fired 9 of its executive management for (currently) unknown reasons. In an email to its employees dated 27 July, state-owned telecoms operator, Netone provided a list of the executives that were dismissed along with new temporary appointments to three executive positions. However,  the reason for their dismissal was obviously not disclosed in the email.

We contacted one official (whose name we cannot disclose), who confirmed that its true and promised that Netone will release an official statement about the issue tomorrow. Here is the email;

Mutandiro is or was the Chief Operating Officer. He was the Acting CEO for two years before the current CEO Lazarus Muchenje took over the reigns early this year. Sibusisiwe Ndhlovu is the or was the Chief Financial Officer and Clever Isaya was the Acting COO during the time Mutandiro was Acting CEO. Isaya was now in charge of Coporate Communications

We will give you more details as the story unfolds.

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