‘DStv Now’ Will Soon Start To Livestream In 4K, A Far Better Resolution Than High Definition (HD)

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To stand toe to toe with its new rival, Netflix,  DStv might soon unveil 4K as a new resolution to stream on its DStv Now. 4K streaming translates to over 23 times the resolution of standard definition TV, so it is much sharper, clearer, and more detailed than High Definition. Actually, DStv is testing 4k so any time (most likely months) it will roll it out. MultiChoice South Africa’s, Chief Operating Officer Mark Rayner said;

We’re continuing to develop DStv Now, with 4K streaming in testing and smart TV and Apple TV apps on their way shortly

DStv may have been prompted to introduce 4K on its DStv Now to try to counter competition from its fast-growing competitor in streaming, Nexflix. Netflix’s sharp increase in customer base is sending down chills on DStv’s spine.


However, DStv might be late though as Netflix already offers 4K content already. No only offering 4K streaming is Netflix’s competitive edge, but it even offers it on more smart devices (game consoles, Bluray players, laptops etc.) than DStv Now supports. For now, the DStv Now app is available on selected smart devices.

Bringing 4K will be gladly welcomed by sports lovers who happen to be the ones that mostly use the streaming service. According to MultiChoice, DStv Now’s average weekly usage rose 60% after the 2018 World Cup started. Besides sports, users can access other DStv live channels as well as an extended Catch Up library. Not to mention the option to stream two separate streams on different devices simultaneously.

While I don’t think its a technical challenge for DStv Now to livestream content in HD, the real challenge is faced with customers who should make sure that they have enough bandwidth to enjoy 4K. But many consumer broadband connections aren’t fast enough to allow reliable 4K streaming. If other apps in one’s phone or tablet will be occupying your bandwidth, the remaining bandwidth may not suffice to stream on 4K.

DStv would, of course, have to hope that internet service providers improve the bandwidth so that customers can enjoy live streaming.

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