Econet Turned 20 Today-Their Journey So Far


Econet turns 20! It has been quite a journey since it was launched in 1998. Here is what Econet has been doing each year.


Higher Life Foundation

Supports under privileged students as well as those academically gifted by giving scholarships to study locally and abroad.


3G Service

Service that allows mobile phone users to have internet access on their cellphones.




Upgraded internet services. When it was introduced it was a  combination of the 4G mobile WiMax and 3G services.



Mobile money transfer platform where people can send and receive money with just an Econet line and a mobile device.



4G LTE.  LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals for faster connection time.


A tech solution packaged for agriculture covering insurance, financial services, market linkages, trading and agriculture tips.


Econet solar products that include solar lanterns, phone chargers access to FM radio and a combination of all those mentioned!



The facility provides students from tertiary institutions with devices such as tablets on credit facility to help them in their studies.

Muzinda Hub

Provides training and certificates for digital skills, web development and design opportunities and placement services.

Connected car 

Car tracking product that offers fleet management services through value added services using mobile devices.


Micro insurance that allows you to pay and get insurance through your mobile device.


Provides health related information via USSD to subscribers who sign up.



Online market where you can buy and sell products. Products range from clothes to electronic devices.



Ruzivo is a digital learning platform that assists primary and secondary school students with material.



Satellite and broadcasting network. It includes Video on Demand services and satellite TV. Kwese gives access to movies sport and games.


Youth empowerment program designed to support and equip young people with different skills sets, among them entrepreneurship training and mentorship by highly qualified professionals.


Econet has been pretty consistent with coming up with something every year. It has been with us through the powercuts and through the cash shortages. Some of its products have really been lifesavers while others still need a little bit of getting used to. Of course we would want it to ease up on the data charges but otherwise, Econet we wish you many more!!


Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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