MyCash Customers Speak Out

So the people who use MyCash did not feel I did justice to MyCash in my article. I am always happy to receive feedback especially if it helps others make more informed decisions. Let me highlight what MyCash customers are happy about.

Ability to pay bills

You can pay bills on MyCash. You can pay for Cimas, Zesa, ADSL and Zol

Bank Card and Mobile Wallet all in one

You can transact using your phone and send money just by inserting a phone number. You can also swipe and do bank transactions.

Quick Access to ZIPIT

MyCash allows access to ZIPIT instantly without having to set up any mobile banking

All you need is your id to set up

Getting a MyCash account is simple and is not too much of a hassle. As long as you have your id you are good to go.

No monthly fee

On top of having low charges MyCash of only 25c MyCash to MyCash and $1 for bank transfers it does not any monthly fee.

What about Ecocash Customers?

If you mostly transact using Ecocash then if you switch to MyCash you still have the ability to pay bills and you don’t have to worry about there being no network. It will also be cheaper if the person you are sending to has MyCash as well. Only problem you might have is if the people you mostly deal with strictly want Ecocash.

The way I see it…

Its not enough for you to be convinced to get it but you have to convince others to have it as well for it to be a real benefit. However even if they are not on MyCash it is a cheaper solution for bank transfers. Whether you will save using MyCash is dependent on how often you transact and what the people you transact with use.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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5 thoughts on “MyCash Customers Speak Out

  1. “Getting a MyCash account is simple and is not too much of a hustle. As long as you have your id you are good to go.”… once again there is a difference between HASSLE and Hustle !!! guys please !!!

    1. LOL! yes!

      also, who needs an ID, just visit zim election 2018 website, you can get any ID # you need from there.

  2. i opened Mycash account and have been using it since last year oct, i can openly encourage my whole family to have that card. its far much cheaper than other bank accounts or even ecocash when transferring money and also when doing purchases. In pickpay am not charged zimswitch charges and it doesnt have monthly service charges. I can pay my bills using mobile banking and its convenient. thumbs up guys, i wonder why you not advertising on tv or radio…

  3. If others join it’s only cheaper on my cash to my cash transfers… How ever you’ll still be still be saving on zipit transfers for example stanchart charges 2 or taketran whereas my cash is 1… Secondly there no loss in having this card is free…. I’ve got both eco and mycash and you can do pretty much the same with less fees… Also because there’s no cash it functions better that a bank account… You save on RTGS on monthly fees and the staff are far more polite and helpful.. The app is great as well… In terms of lite for accounts it’s hand down the best one and it’s free

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