President’s Advisor, Chris Mutsvagwa Distances Himself From Controversial Fake ‘Tweet’, Says He Doesn’t Have A Twitter Account


We follow celebrities and public figures on Twitter, but many of us are unaware of the fact that there are a bunch of fake accounts of public figures on Twitter that seems to look real to us. Some impersonator accounts are more obviously intended to fool followers.


That’s why, the Presidents adviser, Chris Mustvagwa has decided to say that he is one of the victims of impersonation.The President’s advisers said,

I have no Twitter account and so I have absolutely nothing to do with that. It should be the work of my rivals who are finding it difficult to catch up with my work … they clearly created the fake account and went on to glibly comment on their own posts.


He was saying this after an allegedly fake Twitter account which was said to be his tweeted this apparently controversial tweet;

Counting down…. Let’s all vote for Zanu PF and avoid spilling of blood. We will never allow anyone with no war credentials to rule Zimbabwe

So what are the official lines from social networks on fake celebrity accounts?

While social networking sites claim that they’re taking imposter accounts seriously, it seems they’re not as stringent as they could be. So It might be best to double-check next time before you press the “follow” button.

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