Standard Chartered Temporarily Disabled On ZIPIT


Standard Chartered customers should be informed that there has been and continues to be some service disruption and the bank has been temporarily disabled from the ZIPIT platform.


FBC sent out the following message to their customers:

Please note Standard Chartered bank has been temporarily disabled on the ZIPIT platform. Communication will be sent once service is restored.


What’s going on?

We contacted Standard Chartered Bank and we were informed that there was a ‘technical issue’ that the bank was trying to solve as quickly as possible and once this had been solved customers would be notified via SMS. The assistant I spoke to was eager to point out that the disruption was not permanent. No timeline was given of when Standard Chartered customers can expect to have their service restored.

We also tried to call Zimswitch customer support but unfortunately we could not reach them (at the time of writing). If we manage to get a comment we will update this article.

Until service is restored it may be a good idea to steer clear from trying to transact on Zimswitch POS machines since your funds may be mistakenly debited. This was not an official instruction from Standard Chartered but just a thought that popped up in my head knowing how difficult it is to reverse these transactions that fail but still get debited from your balance.


FBC Holdings Limited (FBCH) is an Investment holding company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and whose principal activities are in Zimbabwe. The Group offers diverse financial services through subsidiaries that span commercial banking, mortgage financing, short-term insurance, reinsurance, securities trading and micro-financing. In all,... Read More About FBC

ZimSwitch is a payments technology company in Zimbabwe. It was founded in 1994 through a collaboration of several banks in Zimbabwe. The core service ZimSwitch provides is interoperability between the different financial services in Zimbabwe, allowing customers of one financial institution to transact with and... Read More About ZimSwitch

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3 thoughts on “Standard Chartered Temporarily Disabled On ZIPIT

  1. They said ZIPIT has been disabled, not ZimSwitch. This is how rumours get started, when someone says that they read on TechZIm that you shouldn’t use a Stanchart card on a ZimSwitch POS. It’s irresponsible reporting. ZIPIT integrations go down all the time, but ZimSwitch will still be functional.

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