Sunday Mail Website Compromised?

The Sunday Mail’s website appears to have been compromised. The site contains some strange links that don’t appear to have anything to do with the articles they are contained in. There are also other signs which point to a breach.

Whoever has access to the site has been spamming content on the site and it’s not clear if the publication itself actually has knowledge of the compromise but I would be surprised if they don’t know anything since some of the articles are right on the publications homepage:

Portuguese headlines?
Spam posts?


Among the suspect articles are posts that are entirely written in Portuguese. These two articles have been shared repeatedly on the site and I’m not sure who the intended audience is, exactly.

Some articles on the publication’s site also contain links that certainly shouldn’t be there. The fact that there are a number of articles that have been posted under one author could mean that only one person has been compromised. Some of the posts are dating from as far back March 29.

You would think someone at Sunday Mail would have noticed this by now.

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  1. I was expecting to hear research and findings on the new data prices which were in place since yesterday, but looks like Techzim is only looking for news on internet, lazy these days

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