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With Zimbabwe’s Election Underway Here Are Some Of The Hashtags You May Want To Follow On Twitter

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For every Zimbabwean, today is a special day and I have no doubt you are as hyped as I am about our Presidential Elections.

If you are stuck in a queue or you have already voted, you may want to get a grasp of what’s going on elsewhere and so, we’ve compiled some of the conversations you may want to follow or be a part of on Twitter. With that in mind here are the trending hashtags in Zim right now and as you’ll see they all have something to do with the elections;






#Nelson Chamisa


These hashtags will ensure that you stay in touch with what’s happening and if you send out a tweet under one of these hashtags you will also be a part of the election conversation on social media. As always I urge you to be careful and diligent when it comes to sharing whatever it is you come across as the impact could be huge. Verify news before you share.

We also made a list of Twitter accounts you should follow if you want to stay in the know when it comes to all things elections. These accounts are what we deemed reliable and you may want to check them out over the course of this week as the election story does not end today. Remember the votes are still to be counted and then announced so there’s a lot of news still to come your way.

Oh. And if you are reading this and you’re yet to vote, I would advise you to step out and do the right thing

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