Zimbabwe Defense University (Yes Soldiers) Was Gonna Launch A Blockchain Centre BUT The Elections…

So yeah, I know most of us would not associate the military with new technologies. By that I mean the Zimbabwean military. We know the military elsewhere (read USA) has birthed technology solutions that have become part of our everyday life. The biggest and most impactful of them being the internet- thank GI…

The Zimbabwe Defense University, a part of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces was going to launch a blockchain focused unit today. We were looking forward to that event big time. The event has however been postponed till after the elections. It’s not clear if this is to let the elections come and go then launch or something else impeded the scheduled launch and the election is just a coincidence.

It’s really a good thing when our institutions commit to investigating and probing at new technologies like blockchain. Recently the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said the central bank was looking into blockchain: positive move.


The Defense University’s research centre seems a good idea to me in all but its name: Blockchain Application and Popularization Centre of Zimbabwe...Umm that’s a mouthful. I’m glad that they are interested in the applications of blockchain and in promoting it to be a mainstream technology but hey they could have just named it after a war hero or something.

Techzim produced a report on the state of blockchain in Zimbabwe. You may wanna check it out if you are interested in what’s going on in this space.

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  1. Whatever happen to golix did they return coins and money to their rightful owners… How did they listing go…. Where’s the news

    1. The last I checked Golix had not completed fiat withdrawals to customers that had initiated withdrawal after the RBZ ban. They have also not honoured some crypto withdrawals as well

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