ZRP And Road Users Association Now Have A Place Where You Can Upload Footage Of Reckless Driving

The ZRP has been making strides to ensure that incidents .Thus far they have installed CCTV systems –in the Avondale area to be specific– in order to clamp down on drivers who deem themselves as being above the law.

Due to limited resources ZRP is now partnering with Road Users Association (RUA) to ensure drivers are observing road rules.

A call to action

As part of the partnership, RUA will give ZRP and the ‘monitoring public’ access to their dropbox. In a blog post on their site RUA said:


With shared access to a public folder, motorists will upload dashboard camera footage, for viewing and follow up by ZRP. ZRP is looking forward to receiving material which enables them to IDENTIFY road offenders.

The thinking behind this is that if drivers install dashboard cameras and are constantly recording footage during their drives it will be easy to identify people who run red lights or commit other irresponsible acts on the road. Once users have footage of unlawful driving they can then upload it to RUA’s dropbox and from there the police can take matters into their own hands.

RUA has also given some tips as to the kind of footage that would be ideal to upload.

  • The offending vehicle must be identifiable. Can we read the registration number? Is there signwriting to identify the vehicles’ owner?
  •  Video footage is best. A still photo does not represent evidence, unless the vehicle is CLEARLY in the wrong.
  • Tell us where and when. Edit the photo or video name, e.g. Coventry Rd, 24.05.18, 08:15am.
Are they any requirements for people uploading footage

Not really. Dropbox will require a name and an email from motorists/citizens who decide to upload any footage. If however you prefer to remain anonymous RUA allows to complete the Dropbox fields with “Road Users” and their email address:

Drivers interested in uploading footage can do so here

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