Kwese-iflix Introduces New Bundles That Just Make It Cheaper To Watch Shows On Kwese-Iflix App


Today Kwese has introduced Kwese-Iflix bundles which are meant to save money for Kwese-iflix app users.  Before today, users had to buy (for example) a 1 Day Pass and 250 megabytes of data separetly, to watch programmes on Kwese-Iflix. This means that you had to spend $1.60.


But Kwese-Iflix bundles makes it cheaper to watch shows on the Kwese-Iflix app as users will buy “Day Pass” and Data” in a single payment. The Kwese-iflix bundles will let users purchase a 1 “Day Pass” and 500 megabytes of data, in a single payment,  for just a dollar. Therefore users can now save $0.60cents and get more data to watch Kwese-iflix app shows for a day.

According to Kwese, with just a $1 of Kwese-iflix bundle you can watch 2 movies (although it depends on the lengths of the movies). But its not only movies that you can watch with the Kwese-Iflix bundle, you can watch documentaries, football, series etc.


And the Kwese-Iflix bundles come in four forms, which are;

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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8 thoughts on “Kwese-iflix Introduces New Bundles That Just Make It Cheaper To Watch Shows On Kwese-Iflix App

  1. It depends on the quality as well. If you are willing to endure rubbish quality movies yeah you can watch two movies

  2. Well it’s actually more expensive to use iFlix now, if you have a personal unlimited Wifi connection you obviously don’t need the Econet bundles. They should be an option to buy iFlix passes without buying Econet data.

  3. Agree with the above… If I buy a full month for 15 I might use up the 12gb data in day 10 days then what did a do for the rest of the month… The only way they going to get traction is zero rate the app… The data turns out to be more that the actual ifkix

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