Facebook Is Testing The ‘Things In Common’ Feature That Will Help You Befriend Strangers

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Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature that will help its users befriend strangers with common interests. According to CNET, the feature, called things in common, will give users the option of connecting with other Facebook users who are not a part of their friend list, but share some common interests.

The social networking giant reportedly plans to achieve this by showing users the things that they have in common with other Facebook users when they scroll through the comments section on public posts.

It’s no secret Facebook is always looking for new ways to get people to interact with each other, so it’s not surprising they would be exploring yet another avenue for connecting people who aren’t yet friends.


The test of this feature is only limited to the US for now, and that too, only for a small group of people. The company, however, is playing its cards close to its chest at the moment and refused to divulge if it will be rolled out globally in the future.

Of course, identifying basic things you have in common with mutual friends is hardly the same as Facebook helping you find someone whom you have something in common outside your circle who actually cares about you. But things in commonfeature could be one step toward helping people identify new people outside of their circles they might want to connect with.

Facebook is trying out many new features in recent times, including a new dating feature that is apparently being tested internally by Facebook employees before being rolled out to general users.


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