Here’s A Comparison Of Weekly Data Bundles Between Netone, Econet And Telecel: Take Your Pick


Since Telecel has just introduced its weekly data bundles, I think its worthwhile to compare the weekly data bundles offered by all three Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and see whose got the best deal.Take a look at the following table;

Network$1 for$3 for$5 for

As you can see, Telecel and Netone offer more data (by far) for any price compared to the largest MNO, Econet. In other words Telecel and Netone weekly data bundles are way cheaper than Econet’s. Regardless of their ‘cheapness’, I think some people prefer to stick with Econet (for data bundles) because of its relatively wider coverage and higher internet speeds.

Telecel and Netone even offer weekly data bundles of $2 yet Econet doesn’t. For Telecel you get 300megabytes and Netone you get 250 megabytes for weekly data bundles of $2. Netone goes another step further of offering weekly data bundles of $0.50 cents for 50 megabytes.


The highest priced weekly data bundles, pegged at $10 come from Econet and Netone, with Econet offering just 650 megabytes compared to 2000 megabytes offered by Netone.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s A Comparison Of Weekly Data Bundles Between Netone, Econet And Telecel: Take Your Pick

  1. I think it is grossly misleading, reckless and perhaps ignorant to say that people stick with econet because of its speeds. I will tell you that I am a heavy data user and have tried all three networks many times because I subscribe to the three of them. In terms of internet speeds, it is not up for discussion that netone has the best speeds in the country. Netone is simply amazing pa data.

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