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There Is A Possibility That The Presidential Election Court Case May Be Broadcasted, Says MDC Alliance’s Secretary General

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MDC Alliance’s Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora has said that there is a possibility of livestreaming the Presidential Elections courtcase. In a ‘Tweet’, Mr Mwonzora said;

If it comes to pass, this will mark the first time that a court case is livestreamed in Zimbabwe. Many urban Zimbabweans are starting to use social media platforms to keep up with current affairs so I’m sure many people will be tuned in to watch the court case.

Is it legal in Zimbabwe to do court photography/broadcasting?

Court photography/broadcasting is illegal in some parts of the world. In Zimbabwe, the constitution is said to be silent on this issue, meaning that the law doesnt say if its legal or illegal to broadcast a court case.

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5 thoughts on “There Is A Possibility That The Presidential Election Court Case May Be Broadcasted, Says MDC Alliance’s Secretary General

  1. Since this is an issue of national importance why would they not broadcast it…. It should be ztv responsibility because it’s affects every zimbo…

    1. When has ZBC acted in a sense of national duty? Showing people films and cartoons from the 60s ought to be a criminal offence itself but they continue to do it. People were being shot in town and they were busy showing us cartoons. When elections are taking place they were busy showing us the usual crap programs. It’s an institution driven by fear rather than creativity and that is just sad because Zimbabwe is filled with a lot of untapped creative talent which has to leave these shows to be unbridled.

  2. I am sure the word broadcast does not change even in the past tense and such an error is not pardonable at this level. I suggest you edit the title to save yourself from shame.

    1. English unlike Shona which is run by a bunch of traditionalist goons is a very flexible language that accommodates a broad spectrum of new words without having a fit. The word Broadcast has two meanings the traditional one is the one where the past tense remained broadcast because it was actually a compound noun made from two words broad cast(to toss away/kumwaya in Shona) with the rise in the scattering of EM waves. Here the past tense can be either broadcast or broadcasted. I have heard it said even on BBC. Now most of the BBC anchors are English so whatever they say is English it is English Language was made for people not people for language.

  3. A comment from a legal expert would have made this article so much more richer and insightful. As it is now, a small Twitter thread with the contents of this article would’ve sufficed. Do better.

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