You Have A New Gadget? Awesome! Please Share Your First Experience With It With The Techzim Community

If you are like me, you may be tired of watching unboxing videos from the United States and said videos featuring gadgets that you either can’t afford or are not available for the Zimbabwean market.

Techzim has attempted to bring unboxing home over the years. We have unboxed gadgets that are available for the Zim market and some of them quite affordable to Zim pockets too. Now, we want that experience to be even closer to your home: we are asking you to do the unboxing and share with our community!

Here’s how

If you have bought a gadget (even a brand new second hand) don’t just rip the packaging off. First take out your smartphone and record yourself unboxing your gadget. Just give us a quick intro of who you are and get right into it. Take the device out and share with us it’s features and all. Don’t make the video too long. Send the video to us via WhatsApp on this number: +263715071199


If the video is not too bad we will share it here on Techzim and through our social channels. Yup, here’s an opportunity to be a show off. As the video below says, you can unbox whatever gadget it is even a toaster!

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