Econet To Introduce A Loyalty Programme That Rewards And Ranks Subscribers According To Usage

If you are a customer who uses a product or service more often you certainly expect some sort of reward from a manufacturer or service provider. That’s just what Econet is trying to do. The biggest mobile network operator has come up with a loyalty programme which it ranks and rewards users according to their usage of its mobile network services.

Whats the loyalty programme about and what sort of rewards will you get?

Under its loyalty programme, Econet will rank customers according to their usage of its mobile network services. So far the rank which we have been told is Econet Platinum, Econet Gold, and Econet Bronze rank. So suppose you are in the Econet Platinum rank, where the service provider’s name appears on your phone will now read ” Econet Platinum” instead of just “Econet”.


Econet was not forthcoming in divulging much information about its loyalty programme as it still being tested on a limited group of people and it follows that it didn’t tell us much about the rewards to be had in this programme. But according to the guy we talked to from Econet, he said those customers assigned the Econet Platinum rank will get a high a higher priority to connect their calls. For instance, a subscriber who finds himself or herself ranked as an Econet Platinum user,  won’t struggle to connect in extreme network congestions times.

Well, for now, that’s the only reward we were told by Econet. Like I said above, the loyalty programme is being tested with a limited number of people, I suppose that’s why we weren’t told much about all the ranks available and all the rewards that will be awarded.

It’s pretty obvious that Econet is trying to urge customers to up their usage with this loyalty programme. Just like any other loyalty programme. And for now, it’s kinda hard to assess the likely impact of its programme since Econet didn’t give us much information about it.

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16 thoughts on “Econet To Introduce A Loyalty Programme That Rewards And Ranks Subscribers According To Usage

  1. Isn’t this similar to the net neutrality fracas they are having in the US? This is pretty much Econet saying that there are customers who are more important that others. As with the ISPs prioritizing the flow of traffic through their networks, this is Econet saying that they will do the same things to their customers. Honestly this is silly, unnecessary, discriminatory, and MUST be stopped immediately. Thank you.

  2. hmmm isnt that discrimination whuch may be hazy under our current laws and b maybe the network is congested because of an emergency its a nice inttiative but they need to regigger it so that its acceptable in a whole manner may extra data more minutes etc or faster speeds. this a problem waiting to happen.

    1. I don’t really think of it as discrimination… Why should someone who is paying more get equal service to someone who is paying less?

      1. when i bought my econet line i didn’t choose a bronze package over a platinum one which clearly defined better features and service over the bronze one. there’s a difference between selecting from clearly differentiated packages with different rates, based on what i can afford, and having it being shoved down my throat…

        were you Farai given the option between Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze when you bought your Econet line? I’m going to hazard a guess and assume not.

  3. This is hardly new in business, hence the throwing around of the HVC (High Valued Customer) label in the service industry. I still remember, for instance, CABS’ Gold Class section where regular bankers like my dad never dreamt of stepping his foot into. I for one, have been served tea in a nice corner of a bank numerous time simply because I made deposits for a well known company.

    People like to feel special, especially those who feel, or actually make significant contributions to a company’s bottom line. Companies oblige.

  4. This is not a loyalty program. It is an extortion gesture and it discriminates against the poorest in our society. Imagine you want to make an urgent call and you’re not in the platinum club, you will not be able to make the call.

      1. This is the sort of imbecilic thinking I did not expect to see here. The service is for everyone and everyone equally.

        1. Lol, why so quick to insult??? Why not have informed and respectful conversations? You may not agree with me but the tone you’ve taken makes having an informed discussion impossible. People in comments get so consumed by their anger and bring it in discussions that are supposed to build. Don’t be one of these constantly angry people, your face may wrinkle earlier than you expect sir.

      2. “Why should someone who is paying more get equal service to someone who is paying less?”

        i dont think that is the right question in this instance because when it comes to service equality, the moment a person is entitled or is expecting to be given a service i.e become a customer, he/she is entitled to the best service provided by the provider that means it equals on all customers parallel. what differs is the amount of product they in turn are supposed to receive equaling their purchase. when i purchase a $1 etym and 2nd custormer purchases $5 etym we all expect the best o equal service quality till i exhaust my $1 and he in turn does the same on his $5, if the company wants to appreciate the $5 purchasing customer they do so but not on the expense of the other customer……..

        jus my analysis Mr Mdzingwa

  5. Just watch the captured regulator falling over themselves to approve this. Econet is an effective monopoly and allowing them to harvest & capture high usage subscribers is deepening that market dominance and the evident abuse of that position. We need a new dispensation in communications regulation. Or must we launch an operation?

  6. Try and go back to One fusion when it started. It was spiced with loyality points though they scratched it without a word. Typical of Zim business. When piloting a product are those involved not informed.

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