Here Is A Platform Where You Can Sell Your Skills To Those In Need Of Them In Zimbabwe


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A little extra income is always welcome, and it might be no further away than the ends of your fingers. Most of us are using the Internet already to find information, but you can also leverage the power of the Internet to market your freelance skills. It’s may not be comparable to a full-time income, but even an extra $50 or $100 every month can come in handy!


7 Wonders Market is a platform which gives skilled Zimbabweans, who happen to like freelancing, an opportunity to earn more income by selling their skills or expertise on-demand to those who are in need of them. Actually, not only is the 7 Wonders Market platform a freelancing platform but it is also an e-commerce site, so its a combination of both. However, today I am only going to talk about its freelancing service.

What about 7 Wonders Market

7 Wonders Market is there for freelancers and even those that are employed to earn more income by offering their services to those in need of them. 7 Wonders Market platform aims to equip the freelancers with knowledge on how to start and grow a freelance business. It’s more or less a knowledge sharing hub as 7 Wonders Market put it. Freelancers will also benefit from networking with other like-minded people on the platform.


How can you join as a freelancer or as someone looking for freelancers?

It’s not hard to join the 7 Wonders Market network of freelancers. You only have to fill in a sign-up form and you are done. Equally, those looking for freelancers can just fill in the same sign-up form (but just slightly different) to be able to enlist the services of freelancers.

Do you pay

Membership is currently free for both freelancers and those looking for freelancers.

A peep into the future

Later on 7 Wonders Market says it wants to export the skills and expertise to other countries without crossing borders, like what the Indians, the Bangladeshis, Americans, and others are doing.

7 Wonders Market can be a great place to make new client connections for freelancers, and there are no fixed hours, so it can be combined with a regular job.

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