You Might Get Your Next Job On Afringa Instead Of LinkedIn

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It’s a prevailing trend that people are finding it difficult to find jobs that they really want. At the same time, companies are not getting the kind people they really want. At the end of the day, there is a job mismatch (in what both parties really want) challenge faced in the African job market.

But one platform, called Afringa is seeking to address this challenge.  Afringa aims to leverage the huge African cross-border potential of African human resources and to slowly eliminate the employment challenges faced by African job candidates and African and multinational companies. Put simply, Afringa is a bridging online platform between companies and job candidates.

Where is Afringa coming from

Knowledge, technology and the internet are becoming more accessible across Africa, allowing people to communicate more effectively and obtain information more easily. Afringa wants to take advantage of these developments and contribute to solving some of the employment challenges faced.

Afringa is bent on encouraging African professionals, students and start-up entrepreneurs to acquire the skills and experiences that empower them to find or create the jobs that they love. In the same breath, it wants to support the same bunch of people to further develop their careers and help them to have a clearer picture of the job market expectations.

By encouraging people to build their own African professional network, they share their knowledge with other African professionals and increase the visibility and exposure of their career profiles.

What is Afringa dealing with

Its said that multinational companies receive on average 900 job applications from job candidates for every job advertisement. This inadvertently makes the process of recruiting quite long as companies struggle to quickly identify suitable candidates with matching qualifications. But Afringa solves this by matching potential employees qualifications and jobs so as to make it very convenient for organizations to spot their next employee.

Why would a job candidate want to use this

Afringa’s platform says it wants African professionals to create a mindset of lifelong learning. Afringa will prepare job candidates for employment market requirements with personalized suggestions for further education, based on their existing qualifications and current location.

This means, if an Afringa member applies for a job where specific qualifications are required that the candidates do not yet possess, Afringa will provide suggestions on where and how to acquire those qualifications, based on the existing qualifications of the Afringa members and their current location.

Why would startups want to use this

Afringa connects start-ups with entrepreneur hubs close to their location and provides them with more exposure to potential investors that it intends to bring to Afringa, in a separate start-up section.

Why would organizations want to use this

African and multinational companies will highly benefit from Afringa, since it manages a huge amount of job applications for them. Hence it saves time for companies to sift through loads curriculum vitae to find the right candidate for a job.

If you want to join Afringa as a start-up, organization or just as an individual follow this link.

About Afringa

The Afringa team members come from African and European backgrounds and gathered experience in
diverse industries, such as management consulting, e-commerce, technology, human resources and

For more info

Contact Email
Phone Number +491746785787


  1. Anonymous


  2. david

    wow… I have signed up and it seems this is made for African countries! I like the focus!

  3. Doreen

    Fantastic! I really think these are the right steps to push Africa and its amazing talented people.

  4. jane

    There are not many jobs from Zim yet, but I really like the idea and have signed up. This sounds promising. I like that they let you connect with companies and people across Africa…

    1. Nyasha

      Are you aware that Zimbabwe has the highest unemployment rate in the world?

  5. Anonymous

    A great idea and way to give the african market more chances! I think we should focus and support the African market more and this is a great step!

  6. Sibomana Jean De Dieu

    It is true that afringa will create a very positive impact on the African continent especially in the economic sector. My wish is that both companies, professionals and students can make full use of this great opportunity. Together we can create and achieve more.

  7. Anonymous

    Very good idea, very helpful

  8. emmanuel

    Seems to be helpful. I just signed up and created a profile for my company. Hopefully this will increase advertuising

  9. Oluwapelumi Samuel

    As a young entrepreneur, I am personally fond of Afringa. I signed up last year, and I have met and developed relationships with professionals from all over the continent.

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