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Ditch USSD And Use OneMoney’s Mobile App Instead

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Mobile money applications are underrated; granted there are only two of them (from mobile network operators) in the market right now with the EcoCash mobile app and the recently launched OneMoney application. I still stand by my point and you will never understand how tedious and lengthy USSD codes are until you get to use the mobile money app companions on offer.

Thankfully NetOne has taken some cues from EcoCash and they have released their own version which means smartphone users can rejoice.

What can you do?

The OneMoney app is basically a reproduction of OneMoney USSD platform. You can;

  • Send money
  • Buy airtime
  • Payments
  • Cash Out
  • Banking Services
  • OneMoney services
  • Card services
  • Promotions
  • Get help

Thankfully the application is only 2.8MB which means it won’t be difficult to download and if you have storage issues this won’t be gobbling up your storage either.

Trust me…

Though these applications don’t seem like a big deal, I noticed the amount of time I started shaving off these transactions when I started using the EcoCash app. The difference really is noticeable and if you haven’t used any of the two applications I would advise you to close this page right now and go download the apps!

Download OneMoney Android App
Download EcoCash App

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update: We have updated this to show that there are other mobile money applications, different from the ones offered by mobile network operators

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6 thoughts on “Ditch USSD And Use OneMoney’s Mobile App Instead

      1. Well, you should say what you mean and have the grace to admit that you got it wrong. There are plenty of ‘mobile money’ alternatives to Ecocash and OneWallet. What is more the alternatives are not tied to a network. You can use MyCash and Textacash on any of the 3 networks and both have perfectly decent apps.

  1. Do not forget those who cannot afford smart phones. To them ussd is very important as feature phones do not support apps.

  2. It seems the app only works when using net1 internet. I have tried it over telone WiFi and it doesn’t complete transactions. I hope it’s zero rated on net1.

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