Google Tracks You Even When You Turn Location Data Off On Your Smartphone

I like Android, I like Android a lot but what I don’t like is the way Google gets an easy pass for collecting waay more data than Facebook. This entire Facebook has been in the firing line due to data concerns and I guess its because there have been breaches whereas with Google nothing major is yet to happen. With the amount of data that Google collects the company is constantly one mistake away from actually causing a disaster.

One of the more irritating things that have become apparent is the fact that turning your location off doesn’t help much as Google will continue tracking you. Yuhp, you read that right. Even when you turn location tracking off on your smartphone the ladies and gentlemen from Google still have some sneaky ways of knowing where you are.


Simply opening the Google Maps app will result in Google taking a snapshot of your location. Google also gets the information from the weather apps on your phone and using search can actually pinpoint your location. Because Google’s applications have become so integral it’s almost impossible to avoid this in one way or another.


If you’re an iPhone user who actually uses Google apps and services on your phone then, unfortunately, Google also has your location info as well.

What can you do?

Well, you can install a VPN and have your phone believe that you’re not in Zimbabwe at all. Another problem with VPNs is that the connection may be noticeably slower at times due to the fact that you’re getting information through servers far away from you. There are some benefits, however, one of which is you can access content that you wouldn’t otherwise access as it is locked behind a location filter.

Some people don’t really care about this stuff and they feel that because we get free access to so many cool Google services, the trade-off is entirely worth it. Now I do agree that the trade-off is worth it but it still bothers me that we are constantly one step away from a devastating leak that could result in the wrong people having access to your photos, home and work addresses along with the routes you usually take to and from home… Having one organisation store all this information is a bit worrying but I guess it’s what I and many others sign up for…

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  1. Reminds me of the Edward Snowden saga, it’s scary your Phone camera’s may actually be spying on you.

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