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Kwese Partners Vodafone To Introduce Kwese Play In Ghana

Kwese is broadening their horizons and entering a new market. Kwese recently announced that it would be partnering with Vodafone to introduce their hybrid-service Kwese Play.

Kwese Play is an attempt by Kwese to capture the best of both worlds by offering both their live TV service (which would otherwise only be available via satellite) and their Video on-demand service which allows you to watch iflix content whenever you want to.

The agreement between Vodafone and Kwese is similar to the offering ZOL subscribers get if they jump on the Kwese Play bandwagon; Vodafone subscribers get to access Kwese Play content whilst their data is unaffected. The Kwese Play box is attainable for a similar price in Ghana, with a pricing of around $93 for the Roku box used for streaming. Locally that box sets you back $89.

Hopefully, Kwese and its services will fare better in the West African country than it has locally. I mean the Kwese story has become a popular one and since launching into the Zim market after some serious battles last year the service has found the going to be extremely tough. From content acquisition issues to what seems like an ever dwindling subscriber base Kwese has been on the back foot.

Kwese will be going up against a familiar rival in DStv which also has a huge presence in Ghana. Whether or not they’ll suffer the same fate as they have in Zim thus far is yet to be seen.

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  1. Kwese TV has become unreliable and very frustrating because for months now you can not get a Kwese decoder. It’s better to stay with DSTV

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