Ministry Of Information Now Has A YouTube Channel

Parliament of Zimbabwe Building

Soon after the cabinet announcement different ministries starting setting up social media accounts in order to ensure that there are communication channels for them to easily get input from the public. This movement by the government was one we commended and it seems the Ministry of Information wants to continue leading when it comes to dissemination of information. The Ministry has now launched a YouTube channel.

Of course, it’s their job to disseminate info and we shouldn’t really commend them for this stuff but progress is progress and the implications of these moves could be very impactful if these platforms are not abused.

What will the channel be used for?

The channel will be used to make pronouncements for the Ministry and it will also play host to other government programs. Thus far here are the videos that have been uploaded on the ministry’s website:


Why this is a big deal

One of the hardest things in Zimbabwe is finding reliable and accurate information so the more channels we have to access information directly from the government itself it becomes easier to verify news. We’ve all seen the effects of ‘fake news’ and the more the government makes it easier to access news the better for everyone.

There is only one problem that all ministries need to avoid; PROPAGANDA. The reason why people no longer trust ZBC is because it has garnered a reputation for being a propaganda tool. If this is carried over to all the other government communication channels we will most likely have a repeat of that situation but on these newer platforms.

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