Podcast On TelOne’s DEOD Video On Demand Service


We take at a dive at TelOne’s new video on demand service looking at the product offering. In the mix is a run through of the content on offer and how it stacks up against the already available options. All this and more in this week’s Podcast.



NB: The mobile app actually has search but it is hidden in the menu. This is something we then discovered after the podcast.


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3 thoughts on “Podcast On TelOne’s DEOD Video On Demand Service

  1. Content wise I’m not quite sold on it yet — I’ve already probably watched three quarters of what they’re offering elsewhere. I signed up for the one week trial and have not seen them add anything new since (perhaps I haven’t been paying enough attention), which can be a huge downside because for binge watchers such as myself, 7 days is a lifetime. I take my entertainment very serious so they’re going to have to up their game A LOT in order for me to make a commitment because we all know options are many out there. The only upside for me as a Telone subscriber is the obvious one of not being charged for data usage, so methinks non-subscribers will most likely stick to their “free” streaming sources because paying a subscription fee for such a limited offering will not make much sense at all.
    That being said, I will keep rooting for them because competition is healthy. Sometimes anyway…

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