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Social Media Causing Panic Buying Says President Mnangagwa

Phone screen showing various social media apps, WhatsApp included

The onslaught against social media by public officials seem to be never-ending in Zimbabwe. Now President Mnangagwa is blaming social media for prompting people to do panic buying which has in turn prompted shortages and increase the general cost of living. The President said;

The social media is driving deliberate panic buying of fuel and other commodities, let me assure you that as of yesterday we had begun to fund the market, we now have three times more fuel than is necessary

His latest statements comes barely a week after he warned that he is going to name and shame individuals spreading fake news. The speed and reach of information that’s coming with social media platforms is something that is making officials harbor bad feelings towards these platforms.

Food for thought

Is it that false news, which is being shared through social media platforms, makes social media bad? Or is it that ‘true’ news, although it will be bad news for the government, that is spreading very quickly through social media platforms makes social media bad? Am I making any sense? I’m just trying to figure out if social media is in the line of fire because it is being used to spread false news or bad news.


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