The Kurima Mari Mobile App Is For You If You Are Into Farming


Facing the challenges of a changing climate, increasing costs, global pressures on grain and feed, and more, farmers need to make the most out of existing resources to maximize profits. Mobile apps can help farming and agriculture businesses stay connected to workers and operations in the field and improve efficiency throughout the entire operation.


The Kurima Mari app is one mobile app that should come as very helpful to Zimbabwe farmers. What’s good about is that it was developed “Welthungerhilfe and the Ministry of Agriculture with other NGOs in Zimbabwe for all farmers and extension workers” who all bring a wealth of information for Zim farmers.

What’s up with the Kurima Mari App?

The app provides farmers with various information concerning crops, livestock, nutrition, financial services (for agriculture business), selling tips and the Market for buyers and sellers. All that information can be read by many people in Zim as the app can be used in three different languages, English, Shona, and Ndebele.


Information available

On the homepage of the Kurima Mari app, you will find many categories that provide the farmer with information with respect to that category. Crops, Livestock, Weather, Market Place, Markets Contacts etc are some of the categories you will find on the homepage.


The Kurima Mari App gives the advantages and disadvantages of many crops that are grown in Zimbabwe. There are well over 10 crops listed in the app, giving farmers insightful information on some crops they may want to grow.


This is almost similar to what you find in the Crops category, you will get advantages and disadvantages of rearing various livestock such as pigs, rabbits, turkeys etc.


The apps provide farmers with weather updates and weather forecasts for a lot of areas that your weather report on the 8 o’clock news doesn’t cover. And the weather forecasts cover 5 days. The app also provides you with a crash course on the effects of climate change on farming activities.


The hassle that farmer get into will need to be financially compensated. That’s when there is a need to know who to go to sell your produce or your livestock. The Kurima Mari App comes in handy as it gives farmers contact details of dealers who can help you to sell your produce or livestock.

Does the app need data

No, you don’t need data to use most of the functions on the app. So even if you are in the very outskirts of the country where there is no coverage you can still use the app. Most information can be accessed offline save for video and podcasts. Yep, you can find videos and podcasts in the Kurima Mari App.


Ndebele is a language spoken by the Ndebele/Matebele people who occupy the Matabeleland province in south western Zimbabwe. It is the second popular language after Shona. Read More About Ndebele

The Republic of Zimbabwe is a country located in the Southern Africa region. Its capital city is :Harare and the country has 10 provinces. Zimbabwe is 390,580 sq km and is bordered on all sides by other countries (Zambia in the north, South Africa in... Read More About Zimbabwe

Shona is a collective name of the largest ethnic group in Zimbabwe which consists of the Manyika, Zezuru, KoreKore, Karanga and the Ndau among other ethnic groups and represents over 70% of the Zimbabwean population. The Shona people are mainly concentrated in Mashonaland, collective term... Read More About Shona

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