Use EcoCash to buy NetOne and Telecel Airtime – Here’s How

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Did you know that you can now buy any airtime on Techzim using EcoCash? As part of our marketplace, we’re launching airtime as a test. EcoCash is the convenient payment method not just for payments in Supermarkets and even at informal markets – but now online too!

Here are the steps

  1. Go to
  2. Select the network (NetOne, Telecel, Econet or Africom)
  3. Once the page for the network opens, select the amount of airtime you wan
  4. Click through to the checkout page to complete the purchase
  5. Choose the payment type: EcoCash
  6. Enter your details and keep your EcoCash phone on closeby so you can approve the transaction

There you have it, it’s that simple. Let us know in the comments any feedback you have about the service or how you think we could make it better.

Update: You can also by your airtime on WhatsApp via Techzim’s Airtime bot. How do you do this? Follow these simple steps;

  • Send one word: Airtime to Techzim Market WhatsApp number 0717684274
  • The Techzim Market bot will reply to you with instructions on how to buy airtime of any network using EcoCash.
  • Follow the instructions which are simply to send a message in this format: Amount#NumberToRecharge#EcocashNumber e.g 1#0712000111#0772777888
  • Check your EcoCash phone to confirm the transaction by entering your PIN. It doesn’t matter whether your EcoCash line is in a kambudzi phone or is in the same phone you are using for WhatsApp.

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Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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29 thoughts on “Use EcoCash to buy NetOne and Telecel Airtime – Here’s How

  1. This is an indictment on the other networks! A competitor’s currency being used to purchase your own products – at a discount too! . I wanted to think it was a sarcastic headline until I read on

  2. This is a genius solution. Networks must learn to compete directly on their services, not payment solutions. This may actually assist Netone and Telecel to get higher revenues because its such a nightmare to buy their airtime due to poor distribution network of their services. Netone and Telecel may want to force subscribers to pay using their mobile money wallets but the reality is that there is no sign of their wallets taking on Ecocash beyond what they have achieved so far. So why lose the revenue on the airtime ? Infact, OneMoney and Telecash are cannibalizing on the potential revenue on the Netone and Telecel airtime side for no reverse gain. Over 90% of electronic transactions in the country are on Ecocash. That’s massive revenue loss for Netone and Telecel to say the least.

  3. Why don’t you create an app for this service because a lot of people have got two SIM Cards in their phone, Econet and another one of the other two networks ? Having to go onto the net just to buy airtime for say, $1 is too much work.

    1. This awaresome question,the techzim managers should respond to this question,why should they not create the spoliation???

    1. Hi, we would still like to keep selling airtime, however, we are currently facing some technical challenges and have temporarily put the airtime to be out of stock while we work on restoring the service. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience.

  4. Its a great idea, most people I know have econet and netone lines but rarely buy recharge cards anymore because its more convenient to use ecocash. Tried to use the website but no stock 🙁

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback.

      We are currently facing some technical challenges and have temporarily put the airtime to be out of stock while we work on restoring the service.

      Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the patience.

  5. Why not just introduce an App rather than to just go on net for buying airtime. At the end it will be more costly.

  6. Worked for me very well…..i bought net1 etym for a friend in a remote place and he confirmed the transaction was successful…..Much Thanks!!

  7. Why dont you feel us the steps to register Hot recharge than this long process and we do it om our own …

  8. this should be made more easier by using codes which will be more convinient because without internet hazviite me

  9. Hey i have all the details to buy netone airtime but still it’s requiring a phone number which is already provided there so not successful

  10. Hello. Thanks for the service, facility is working, but realised it does not recognise 0719 netone numbers, hence wont be able to proceed. Help.

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