Video: Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube Presentation At Chatham House



Video Credit: Chatham House, News Of The South


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2 thoughts on “Video: Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube Presentation At Chatham House

  1. He spoke of iHubs, and e-Cities. Lets hope these aren’t just statements. And its interesting on how he takes a look at it as an interest.

  2. Good discussion. A lot of unprofessional misrepresentation of facts from the few in the crowd who claim to know what is happening in Zimbabwe better than those living in the country. For example:
    1. Where have foreign currency been raided two weeks ago? This is shameless lie. From which bank(s)?
    2.Torture in Zimbabwe, where has this happened that most Zimbabweans do not know? Is this not an agenda to advance a case for asylum seeking?
    3.Some lawyers who are supposed to know the law come to an international platform and claim to know more than all the 9 Constitutional Court judges, its a shame, again, it could be to advance an asylum seeking agenda.
    4.Some seemingly genuine inquiries coming out of the white audience, not surprising, some Zimbabweans have a DNA for national betrayal. One needs to research on their ancestoral links, could be vana Nyathi.
    5.The diamond money story: The former president who remarked on it later said he was not telling the truth. However, some one keeps on holding to the issue which is a non issue at all. If $15 billion was the revenue Govt was supposed to earn from diamond mining, what then would have been the total revenue to mine owners? i am aware mathematics has not been a friend of many, so we are dealing with issues of simple mathematical deficiency here.
    Well done Prof Ncube, you answered well. For those areas you are not sure, its important as finance Minister that you quickly research and get all the info.

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