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#Black Friday Deal: You Can Get The ZOL Kwese Play Box For $59

Yesterday we talked about how Econet and ZOL seem to be doubling down on the VOD front. Well it seems they are continuing with their aggressive approach and as part of their Black Friday deals you can now buy the Kwese Play Box for $59 instead of the usual $89.

How to take advantage of this offer

You can buy the box online from the Kwese Store and it will be delivered right to your door step by Cumii. If you make the order online you will be charged $15 for the delivery. That would bring the total to $74. During the checkout process be sure to select mobile payment if you want to pay using Ecocash.

Alternatively you can call ZOL on 08677123123 (toll free on Econet) and place an order. If you do this they might ask you to come and pick up the box at the nearest Econet/ZOL shop instead of delivering it to you. You can also make an order by depositing $59 into your ZOL account and visiting your nearest ZOL branch to pick up the box.

There are contract terms available

If $59 in Ecocash seems like a lot of money to part with at once for an entertainment box to you, ZOL is also selling the box on contract terms. You can get the box in exchange for $10 monthly payments spread over 12 months or $15/month spread over 6 months. It will end up being expensive than the Black Friday price but that’s the cost you will have to pay to spread the cost.

What’s this Kwese Play Box?

Well we have already answered that in the above video but in case you do not know, it’s a Roku based box which allows you to stream content on your dumb TV. The box’s specifications are listed on the Kwese online store.Given the international price of the box this is a great deal and it comes with 12 months of free iFlix. That’s not a deal you will want to miss.

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4 thoughts on “#Black Friday Deal: You Can Get The ZOL Kwese Play Box For $59

  1. Hi Garikai, there are two important points that people should know before going to buy this:

    1 – ZOL no longer zero rate this service
    2 – this Roku box is severely handicapped and modified from the international version. you cannot add channels, and not all channels advertised on are available on this kwese device.

    infact, if you are looking to buy a roku… skip this kwese one. they might look the same, but they are extremely different.

    1. Thanks for the tip @Kilotango I haven’t really used Roku myself. I prefer Android TV myself. It allows me to do what I want to do without being beholden to a company like ZOL

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