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Developers And Employers In Zimbabwe, Your Jigsaw Puzzle Has Been Solved.

Over the years we have heard and seen people complain that this particular commodity is hard to or can’t be found anywhere and we always wonder where have they been searching for it. Case in point,  I was telling someone I can’t find guinea fowls anywhere in Harare, a lady I got to know about later on said she abandoned her guinea fowl selling business because there were no clients.

There are so many scenarios like the one alluded to up there. In the tech world we have come to learn and know more about the developer’s employer paradox that has so many variations that will take us the whole day should we decide to get into it.  Developers claim there are no jobs in Zimbabwe, Employers also claim there are no good developers in the country. Both statements are both true and false at the same time. Because good developers are found between the 2 rivers Zambezi and Limpopo. Employers who are looking for these good devs are also there.

So, What’s going on?

Truth is many factors are contributing to this puzzle that seems impossible to solve.  As Techzim Insights we took some time to study the puzzle from both angles, the developers’ side, and the employers’ side. We have made a report about the developer employer paradox and suggested recommendations to both parties accordingly. The report is going for $19 and it can be accessed here 

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6 thoughts on “Developers And Employers In Zimbabwe, Your Jigsaw Puzzle Has Been Solved.

  1. Your selling point may be thin.
    A large company looking for developers would just tell TZ that they have an opening for so and such so they wouldnt buy even though 19$ is nothing to them.

    Someone looking for a job would’nt pay 19$ for tips on how to get a job, its a bit too much for a job-seeker for the little return. For that much, I expect to get a guaranteed job, not some insights.

    Lastly, your sell is way too vague, too short and not tantalizing. Make me want ,,, no make me need to buy the report because 19$ is quite a lot.
    Tangle bits of the report in my face, something that’l make me want closure, want to buy and get the package.

    Ramblings of an “employed” dev.

  2. Cheap shot at making money…. Sick to the basics… Brings back to the USD saga for airtime we duasporians are not fish we know that we can get at least 3 bond for one dollar so the airtime is 300% over priced

  3. True this article and the purported service sound vague indeed. What is the difference between the $19 resource and classifieds which gives information about products, jobs, properties etc?
    Which marketing forum was the guinea fowl seller using?

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