Dial-A-Guard: A Local Security Company Now Makes It Possible For You To Rent A Security Guard For A Few Hours


The access economy (on-demand economy) is getting to a new level in Zimbabwe and a company called Peace Security has graced this space with a unique business model. Peace Security is that security company we once wrote about back in July that makes it easier to monitor your kids whilst you are away.  


Now Peace Security has introduced a service called Dial-a-Guard which anyone can use to rent a guard temporarily for some hours. The service is conceptually similar to that of Dial-a-Delivery.

What’s Peace Security’s Dial-a-Guard Service?

As the phrase implies, you can essentially rent a fully trained (Peace Security) guard for whatever duration you desire. Suppose you want to go shopping for some few hours and you have no one to leave behind to look after your house (this is when Peace Security’s Dial-a-Guard service comes in handy). You simply call or ‘WhatsApp’ Peace Security asking for the Dial-a-Guard service for those few hours you are away whilst doing your shopping.


Peace Security’s good strategy

While the Dial-a-Guard service doesn’t yet have its standalone app, I’m like the idea that Peace Security (inadvertently) thought it wise to (initially) leverage an easily accessible platform like WhatsApp in addition to ‘telephone calling’ to sell its service. They are using WhatsApp and telephone as entry-level platforms (platforms that are easily accessible by almost everyone) to easily onboard prospective customers before they even think of having a standalone platform, which is an app. Smart, ain’t it?

Why am I saying that’s smart? Sometimes people make the mistake of developing a standalone app first, but not knowing that apps in Zimbabwe have a poor uptake. Besides WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and all those popular apps, it’s hard for ‘other kinds of apps’ to be adopted for use in Zimbabwe. Part of the reason there is a poor uptake of ‘other apps’ is that people don’t have money to but data to use those apps. For people to start using your app in Zimbabwe, it would have to be used to access a very good service such that it warrants ignoring data costs.

So how can people know that your service is very good or it is indispensable? By doing exactly what Peace Security has done- making your service accessible through an entry-level platform like WhatsApp and the telephone. Only by then will you know that your service is essential to people such that they can even use your app. After knowing if people revere your service or not, you will then make a decision as to whether you can develop an app for your service or not. It’s interesting that this is pretty much how Dial-a-Delivery started. Dial-a-Delivery transitioned from making their service accessible through telephone calling to having a standalone app.

However, I’m not blind to the fact that there are some services that are just that impossible or tedious to try to make people access without a standalone app. As it happens, often times it’s impossible to do it without a standalone app. So cases like Dial-a-Guard and Dial-a-Delivery are limited. 

Anyway, if Peace Security sees that people are loving its Dial-a-Guard service, they are likely to introduce an app for it.

How much is it?

You can rent a guard for $2.50 per hour.

Getting touch with Peace Security for the Dial-a-Guard Service

You can request the Dial-a-Guard Service by calling Peace Security on these numbers: 0242570096, 0242570104/7. If you don’t have ‘calling airtime’ you can get ahold of them by texting them on the following WhatsApp number:0778 667 342.

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