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DStv Dismisses A Facebook Page That Allows Online Ecocash Payments As “Scam”


DStv has dismissed a Facebook page that claims to make online DStv subscriptions using EcoCash.

DStv Customer Alert!

It has come to our attention that a scam has surfaced on Facebook under a page called ‘@DStvsubs’ that is falsely advertising  “DStv online subscription via EcoCash” and implying customers can make online payments via EcoCash in Zimbabwe.

Please be advised that this page is not affiliated to DStv or MultiChoice we urge you to not respond as it is not true. Should we introduce new payment options in Zimbabwe, we will inform our valued DStv customers accordingly via our official communications channels including email info update, website:, SMS, Decoder Messages and on our social media handle @DStvZimbabwe

The said Facebook page has been alive since March 2018 and, one of my colleagues says he knows some people who have successfully made DStv subscriptions through this Facebook page. One can wonder why DStv has now decided to vilify the Facebook page now when it has been around for the past 8 months. Is it because they only got to know about the existence of the page today?

But still, why is DStv angry when this Facebook is making it possible for people to pay their subscriptions using EcoCash, something which increases its subscription revenue?  I think that maybe its because this page is using DStv’s name. DStv has a reputation to protect mind you. So maybe if the page was using a totally different name( with no DStv letters), DStv might have ignored it.

A lot of local hustlers are doing it

While this is the only page that DSTV seems to have singled out there are a number of local agents ( one example here) who offer similar services although most do it in person and thus might be flying beneath DSTV’s radar. DSTV has consistently refused to accept bond notes/RTGS and Ecocash as payment methods ever since the cash crises struck. This leaves a lot of people with two very difficult choices: watch ZBC or use these agents who often use black market rate.

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3 thoughts on “DStv Dismisses A Facebook Page That Allows Online Ecocash Payments As “Scam”

  1. Umm, you answer your question in your article! “The false page is implying that customers can make payments via EcoCash in Zimbabwe.” And some people are exploiting the situation and conning people out of their money, so it’s responsible to warn subscribers.
    Also, I’ve seen earlier warnings posted this year on the DStv page about this page.

  2. Maybe he has conned some of the DStv subscribers who previously paid using the page, so those people might have reported him directly to DStv management.

  3. Am sure you know that its a huge thing using a business’ trade name for your own benefit. Thats why on many logos of companies there is a TM. Trade mark

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