Econet Is Not Increasing Pricing Of Bundles: Messages Suggesting Otherwise Are Fake News


There’s been a message circulating claiming that Econet will be increasing the pricing of their bundles on the 12th of November. Fortunately, this message is inaccurate and yet another case of fake news. *sigh*



The English in this announcement should tell you something is up!

We spoke to an Econet spokesperson and this is the official position:


It’s not true. The message circulating on social media is false did not originate from us. We urge our customers to disregard the message and continue enjoying data packages from our network; the network with fastest and widest data services in the country.

He added that the company, whose prices are regulated, had no plans to increase its data tariffs.

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2 thoughts on “Econet Is Not Increasing Pricing Of Bundles: Messages Suggesting Otherwise Are Fake News

  1. Well it might be fake news bt they lied abt one thing their network is not the fastest at least thats the case where i reside (pafarm kumarondera) they are the slowest 15kbs-30kbs per second nxaaa😠😠😠telecel ndoine yese kunoku was surprised to hear they are so much in dept
    PS telecel’s speed is 5OOkbs-1mb per second

    1. It depends on the device you are using, my Lenovo A128t has very slow reception of about 30kbps but when I switch to my mother’s Samsung Galaxy Pocket+ it reaches speeds 500kbps to 5mbps max

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